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The High Court was established in 1989 as a three piece Country/Rock band in Florida performing as the house band at "Don's Place" in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Since then, the band has gone through many changes but remains true to the original concept of playing songs that everyone enjoys and can relate to.
Today the band is based in Asheville, North Carolina.

"THE HIGH COURT" is under exclusive management of randallleemusic and The High Court Entertainment Group.
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“The High Court” provides live premier entertainment as western North Carolina’s
newest and most sought after party band.  This power trio performs rock, country,
oldies, blues, and pop chart hits that leave their audiences fulfilled and excited. The
vision and foundation of the band is to play the most notable hits from 1960 to the
present, as well as client requested favorites. When “The High Court” is in session, the
show invites you naturally to want to party, dance, and sing along.
“The High Court” is comprised of three seasoned musicians (Randall Lee: Vocals,
Guitar, and Keys; Rob Wall: Vocals and Bass; David Costello: Vocals and Drums) into
a self-contained entertainment machine. “The High Court” is a full production ready
band with full PA and lighting (if needed), ready to fill your entertainment needs from
private parties, weddings, dances, corporate events, festivals, fairs, opening act for
national acts, to the local and regional club or bar venues.

What's this band about?  “The High Court” is all about being the vessel that brings
great live music to the party, with songs that the majority of people know.
What makes this band work? We have all been around the block many times with many
different bands long enough to know what works, and what does not work. Being a three-
piece band, there is less confusion with arrangements, so we can read each other more
spontaneously musically.
What is the magic that makes “The High Court” so successful?  The “design” of the
vision to play #1’s as a core foundation instead of the standard “bar band song list”,
allowed us to concentrate on the most successful songs (that the majority of people
could recognize by virtue of its chart status). Understanding that great songs make it to
#1, good songs make it to #2, etc.…gave us an insight to the songs that we would
choose for our set lists, as well as the songs we could perform the best.