The High Court


The High Court is going retro! As you know we lost Josh Elliott our former 2nd Front-man. Not to worry though, The High Court was conceived as a three piece and has returned to its roots! We are putting the finishing touches on the show, and will have demos available for those interested in bookings. We look forward to performing for our fans again.

On another note, endeavors have been underway for recording some of our original music. We will have something out by the first of the year.


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The High Court News

HC           We recently we lost our drummer Albert Norris (I think the sound-man misplaced him), but wish him well in all of his endeavors. We are still looking forward to performing at the Sly Grog in Asheville on the 22nd of August. We will keep you updated here on the blog.

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The High Court Session #1


HCThe High Court was in session on the 5th of June at the Harley-Davidson of Asheville for their June Friday night Bike Night! The rains came and put the court into an early recess, but as the wet weather cleared The High Court was back in session. It was a great gig other than that and we have photos to share with everyone. Go to the website Fan Photos page and check out some more. We will let you know when the next session will be soon. We will be video recording our next live show, and post that for your enjoyment! Thanks to all of our fans that showed up for court!!!

Bike Night HD 5 June 2015_2HD PosterBike Night HD 5 June 2015_4_IGP0935

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The High Court (IN SESSION)!!


The High Court

The High Court will be in session on the 5th of June 2015 (Friday Night) at the Harley Davidson of Asheville, NC from 6:00pm to 8:30pm! We look forward to performing for everyone in the Asheville area. We want to welcome everyone to the music of The High Court!! Check out the website to get to know a little more about the band and it’s members (Just click on the Band’s name)!

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In Session SOON!!!

The High Court

The High Court may be in session in Asheville, NC real soon! When we have the details confirmed, we will let everyone know where and when we will be playing. As for now the band is coming right along. We are getting a lot of great songs down and can’t wait to perform them for you!!! We do have merchandise available on the website, and it will soon be available at the shows. But get ahead of everyone else and show your support by wearing a t-shirt with The High Court logo to the gigs!

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The High Court

The High Court

The website is under construction at the present time. We hope to have all of the updates including band photos, bios, and links in the very near future. The music is really sounding good and we can’t wait to start sharing it with all of you! Remember to get some your own merchandise from the site before the gigs (So you can sport supporting the court first).

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In Session with The High Court!

The High Court

Rehearsals are going well and the line up is a great one! We’ve added an awesome musician/singer/songwriter to the line up (Joshua Elliott). It won’t be long before court will be in session in the Asheville, NC area. We will keep everyone posted as to the first public performance with an unruly amount of promotion and social networking. You won’t want to miss the first session of The High Court in North Carolina! Stay tuned and we will keep you updated as that time approaches.


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Staying On Course

We lost our original drummer (Gary) but found a new one (Albert) to replace him. We wish Gary the best with all of his future music endeavors and everything else he does in life. Albert is an awesome drummer and will add a lot to the sound of the band. We look forward to working with Albert, and know you will like him as much as we do. We are still on the look-out for a second front-man, but are ready to take the “Court” out as a three piece if need be.

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Spring is just around the corner!

Springtime is just around the corner, and the band “The High Court” is getting it together to bring our style of entertainment to the Smoky Mountain region. We will start by playing in the Asheville, NC area as soon as the weather starts getting warmer. Our music includes Country, Rock, Blues, and Today’s Adult hits! We mostly play songs that made #1 on the billboard charts from 1960 to the present, so we are truly a variety band with something for everyone. Look for us soon at a venue in your area!!!

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The High Court

Well folks…The High Court is back in session in North Carolina. We are in rehearsals now and should be out playing the local Asheville area in the spring. We are a four piece and will be playing a lot of #1’s from the 60’s to the present. Things are sounding good and everything is coming together at a real good pace. Everyone in the band is stoked and looking forward to getting out and entertaining the public. I’ll keep everyone updated on this blog and the website as we get ready for our coming out party. Till then…Hear Ye, Hear Ye,..court is in session..All Rise!!!!


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