Still alive and well

I’m still alive and well,  just been busy for the last few weeks.

I have built a Tiki Bar in my back yard, and am getting ready for our annual Summer Party! Peg and I have been doing a lot of work around the house and yard the past few weeks so the music has been on-hold. I did however win a mastering session through Disc-Makers whi31454083_10156321222869294_1501434005910716416_och I 31531183_10156325817474294_4788972948327235584_owill master my first full length album with. I’ll put some more photo’s up when we get finished and have the backyard set up for the party. After the Party MUSIC!!!!!!!!

Tiki Bar32331904_10156357950094294_4578523338984390656_o


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