The end of 2017

Eight more days left in 2017, and this is some of what has happened to me this year…

This is our new house!!

This is our new house!!

I got a promotion with the VA, and Peg and I moved back to Florida. We bought a house in Williston, Florida and are still getting settled inBar.

Pool 8

Pool Lights1


My job is in Gainesville, Florida which is about a half an hour away. We are right around the corner from Christmas and heading into the New Year.

Christmas 2017 House 2

Christmas Lights1Christmas 2017 House 1As we are still getting settled in to my new job and our new house, the album has been put on hold for now. I am looking forward to the day when I get my studio all set up and finish the vocals for the album. Fireplace2

I hope to get that underway starting in January of 2018. I found a use for a lot of the rug carpets we brought from North Carolina to Florida. Insulate and sound proof my Studio closet to make a recording booth!!!  As I dive into that project I will keep everyone updated as to the progress!!

Till then, Have a safe and memorable 2017 Holiday season!!!

Randall Lee

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