4th of July

Music (17)I am looking forward to the 4th of July for more than just the fireworks. This will be my 20th wedding anniversary!! It has been a great journey so far, and optimistically, I am looking towards the future. Peggy has stood beside me and my musical journey for the past 20 years. With this album I hope to start a new chapter and finally get a good portion of my music out to the world. I have been getting some house cleaning done with the Copyright Office, BMI, Sound Exchange, and CD Baby for starters. This weekend I will be getting back to the recording project.

Studio_10-21-06_008I do believe I am at the point in the recording process to start adding in the guitars now. I’ll lay down the rhythms first, then on to the leads. It is a little ironic that with me being a guitarist for the most part of my professional musical career, that it would be the next to the last tracks I record on my debut album. The ten songs on this album reflect my take on life and love, with a philosophical lyrical approach. You might hear some classical influences in some of the passages as I drew on my formal study of music from college.

_IGP0522Choices, choices, choices!

Gibson, Fender, Hartkey, PRS, and Takamine. Those will be run through my Line6 POD HD500X. Oh the sounds I’ll get with that!

Looking forward to getting back in the studio and laying the guitar tracks down, so I’ll say bye for now and catch up with you with my next blog post!!


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Be safe and have a great 4th of July!

Randall Lee


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