The Album

The album is coming along just fine! I have the main tracks for 6 of the 10 songs recorded so far.  This weekend I will work some more on the project, and look forward to making more progress. I am super excited about getting this album out to you!!!

Line6 POD HD500X _IGP0522My workflow style may be different than other producers simply because my main instrument is guitar and that will be the next to last track recorded for each song.  Right now the songs are sounding real solid without the guitar parts, so when I record those track that will be the icing on the cake!!

I would venture to say that so far the album is a lyrically clever, philosophical take on life and love. The final four songs will determine the overall landscape and persona of this project. I still have yet to consider a title for the album, but that will come about after all of the songs have been recorded and mixed.

Music (17)Speaking of which…I will keep you up to date with the progress of the album as I go along. Until then stay safe, live life, and love each other!

Peace out!!

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