Studio Progress

Music (17)The recordings are coming along just fine. Since my last post, I have laid the major tracks down for two (2) more songs. Yesterday I laid down the basic tracks for my fourth (4) song. I am so pleased with the progress as a result of staying on course with the project. I might be including a fiddle player on my song “Gypsy Eyes” to hopefully capture the ambience of Gypsy fiddle music. We will see how that works out. In the meantime, I have taken some of my old songs and revised some of the music and lyrics as well as even the titles. Through the years of playing music, and now getting into the recording/mixing process, I look forward to breathing new life into my songs. As my debut CD will include 10 new songs, there may be one or two previously recorded bonus tracks. I am not sure at the present time which songs will be released as singles. That decision will be made after the album is complete. Stay tuned, and I will keep you updated on the progress here on my blog.

Everybody stay safe on this Easter holiday weekend,

Randall Lee

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