In the Studio

Music (17)Just an update for everyone..

All is well in the studio! I finished all of the MIDI recordings for the first song “Gypsy Eyes”, and am working on the second song “Time Dimensions”. I am working each song from the MIDI functions to lay the ground work for the rest of my original song recordings. I got so buried with trying to record each part for each song in succession that I decided to work on each song by itself to get more in touch with each individual song. Music (18)I have been making extensive use of VST instrument Plugins and my Pro-Key 88 keyboard. As it stands now, I will be using that for most of the album. I figure to lay down tracks with my electric guitars and vocal parts after finishing up with all of the MIDI parts.Line6 POD HD500X I am looking forward to using my line6 pedal board for the various amplifier selections, and multitude of guitar effects. I will be recording these parts next to last (Vocals) so I can maintain the continuity of the sound. I will let everyone else decide exactly which genre box they want to put the songs in.

The album will contain ten original songs, most of which I wrote sometime back.These songs have never been recorded for public release until now. I am very excited about this project and look forward to keeping everyone updated as to the progress, as well as when the album will be available forĀ  pre-order and the global release date!!

So stay tuned…

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