Super Bowl Sunday

Looks like a big day for Football today. I am a life-long Buccaneers fan, but today it’s ALT!

Music (17)As for myself, I am still working with the music. I have just set up a template for recording my Drum tracks. Although I have MIDI, I have included some WAV samples of a basic 5-pc kit and a Pearl Drum set to use for my songs. I am not really making up “beats” as much as setting up the actual drum parts/patterns for my songs. As you know I am starting to include cover songs into my catalogue of recordings. As soon as I work out any of the kinks in the process, I will start recording extensively with both covers and originals. I am looking forward to sharing not only my original songs with you, but original and remixed/mastered recordings of many cover songs I have performed in the past. Through this new journey of discovery, some of the songs should bring back memories and grooves of a time when music influenced mine and many others lifestyles.

Music (18)And yes, some of you have heard me (a guitarist), play the keys. I will be including not only Piano and Organ, but Strings and Synthesizers as well on many of these recordings. The result will be the music that has been in my head for years, finally being put into a cohesive tangible form for everyone else to enjoy the insanity!! Be forewarned that some of the original songs might not quite fit into any mainstream music genres, and to try to place them would be a foolish  task.

For alLine6 POD HD500Xl of you that do enjoy my guitar playing…I have a new toy that should prove to be quite versatile in coming up with a variety of tones and effects in the studio! It has 30 different Amps and over 100 Effects all included in the one pedal. I hope I don’t get too carried away with all of the different sounds that I now have available.

Music (11)On the personal note, I have been dealing with an ear infection which has prevented me from recording and mixing for the present time. I am in good spirits that the healing process won’t take too much longer and I can get back to recording. Setting up the Drum template has been a good thing at just the right time. It has allowed me to continue the recording process by putting tools in place that I will have a great need for later in the recording process. Until the next time, take care, be well, and remember life is just a vacation!!!

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