2016 Ends and 2017 Begins!!!

2016 brought about a lot of changes in everyone’s life.

Here in the Randall Lee world we saw the end of “The High Court” band, The release of an original song (6.7.8.)  on TouchTunes jukeboxes nationally, the release of two cover tunes “If” and “Summertime Blues”, a blog that was as lengthy as a short novel, and retirement from public performances. That was just a little of what transpired in the music world of Randall Lee!!!

hank1On the animal side of things, we lost our dog “Dixie” and our cat “Diablo” this year. But on the happier side of thing we did get a new cat “Hank”! He is a great addition to the family, but I think his accelerator is stuck on wide open!! I guess I should say kitten instead of cat. He has enough energy to keep Peggy busy non-stop!

Work is the best it has been in decades!  In two years I have advanced two pay grades, as well as get to work from home every other week. When I do go in to the “office”,  I only have to work four days of that week. It really is a sweet deal!!

All in all it’s been a good year, and I look forward to the new year! I do have plans to market some of my recordings through digital distributions, but beyond that…let’s just say we’ll leave that to the future.

Here are some links for you to check out:

http://bit.ly/2hX2Pzz        http://bit.ly/2ip7FXF       http://bit.ly/2hWRjnW       http://bit.ly/2hWSkfJ         http://bit.ly/2hWO27Z         http://bit.ly/29ooIWJ


I want to wish everyone a very safe and Happy New Year!!!







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