Slight diversion from Gypsy Eyes….

For Christmas I’ve decided to make some of my cover tunes available. I am waiting for the licensing to go through the process on two cover songs:

photography-5This song was originally done by Bread and David Gates. I have always thought it was such a great love song, that I just had to record it. I am waiting for CD Baby to secure the licensing so you can download it and/or stream it from your favorite streaming sites.  I will keep you posted as to when it comes out  to the world via internet. When it does share the links with everyone you know and just maybe it will climb up the charts.  I hope you enjoy my version of the song and add it to your playlists on your smart phones, tablets, and computers.

summertime-blues-artworkThis is the second cover tune I am releasing for streaming and downloads. It is the Eddie Cochran song “Summertime Blues”! I hope my friend and fan from work (Raymond) checks out this version. I am sure he will enjoy it as well as everyone else. I know we have a few more months to go before we get to summer, but this is the type of song that can make you forget about the freezing cold weather we’re getting right now. These songs will be available shortly through CD Baby, Amazon, and streaming on sites like Spotify and Pandora.

I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the release of these two cover songs. So if you like these songs show your support any way you can!!!

Merry Christmas and have a great and Happy New Year!!!

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