You are part of the process…Listen & Vote!

Here is where YOU become part of the process, and it will take less than one minute!!!

Listen to the first half of the first verse in the Key of “C”, then listen to the first half of the first verse in the Key of “E”. You vote on which “Key” you like best, and the most votes decide which key this song will be recorded in. This is only the basic recording of the first part of the first verse of the song just for you, the fans to decide which key I will record the song in. I want to thank everyone ahead of time from the bottom of my heart!!!

 Song #1: Gypsy Eyes.

I wrote this song in 1991 and copyrighted it old school (Manuscript). I interfaced my keyboards so I could get the exact score that I had written back then. I was a bit surprised to hear a lot of classical influence in the piano parts. Now it is time to breathe some new life into this song, add the additional years of experience, and incorporate today’s new technologies to it. I am looking forward to recording the newest version of “Gypsy Eyes”!!!

So, a little about the song: My brother and I were talking one day, and the concept about the eyes being windows to the soul came up. That set the songwriting gears in motion. As I thought about how not too many things in this world are constant (not counting death & taxes), I realized that no matter how much we plan out our life, in the end we are all like gypsies going through our time here on earth. Yes, we may have a home and live in the same place for all of our lives, but every day is still a journey fraught with many twists and turns. I wrote the lyrics to reflect that concept. The music was basically written to support a simple melody line. I did try to include some of my Theory & Composition knowledge to keep the music respectable. Now I’ll dive deeper into the (re)creation of this song about life.

The first track I recorded was a MIDI (Scratch) track of the piano part. I’ll use this as the foundation in which to build the rest of the song upon. The tempo is about 110=mm, in the key of C or E (You decide), the meter is 4/4, and it is in ABABCB form. Here are the opening lyrics:


You were born to see into the hearts of men,

and know how to look into the soul of a woman.

We learn a lot in this crazy life through Gypsy Eyes…



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