The new musical journey begins…

The new musical journey begins as the past 46 years has been packaged up, and is ready to be relegated to the stories of the past and delivered to the realms of memories. I want to thank everyone that read my blog up to this point. In doing so, you are privy to the back story of how I got to this point in my life with my music. From this point on, I will be writing this blog about the current process of my songwriting and the recording of my original songs. I am grateful for all of the musicians that have come in and out of my life, and would not trade the experiences for anything. With the many years of playing music, there will be musicians that are not mentioned in my blog. This would be because there have been so many gigs and jam sessions, that it’s difficult to remember everyone. If you are one of these few…leave a comment to help remind me, and let’s get back in touch.

The first part of this new journey is to record all of my copyrighted songs into a collection (which some people may call an album). Since I went to college for Music Theory & Composition and learned music notation, all of my copyrighted material was submitted with a form PA and written by hand in manuscript. The first step will be to decide which song to record, what key to do it in,  and how to arrange it. I have MIDI software and I can transfer the notation of the original copyrights into actual musical notes. This will be part of the recording process (so as to keep the original creation of the idea in tack).  Since I am predominantly a guitar player, a lot of the songs might lean a bit heavy on the guitar side of instrumentation.

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My main recording rig is a Dell Dimension E520 (computer), Nuendo 3 (software), Behringer HENYX Q1202 USB (interface), SM57 Sure (microphone), and a Line6 POD HD500X (guitar processor). My Instruments: Bass-Hartkey, Guitars-Gibson (B-25 Acoustic, Les Paul Jr., The Paul), Fender (Telecaster), Paul Reed Smith (Custom 24), and Takaminie (F-385). Keyboards-Stage Piano M-Audio ProKey 88, and a Moog-The Rouge synthesizer. These are the main instruments you will hear on just about every recording.

My direction in music now is not to be associated with the “Starving Artist” syndrome. I have a great career with the Department of Veteran affairs, and a retirement in place for the near future. If any residuals are to be derived from my music, well that’s just great! And if so, it will be a product of the DIY American dream. The main goal however, is to share all of the songs I have written so far with everyone that has an interest in new and original music. After recording all of the songs that I currently have copyrighted, my efforts will turn to writing/copyrighting new songs and recording them to share as well.

I have no intention of trying to secure a recording, development, or distribution contract with any major or indie labels, so my original music will only be available through me. I will make each song available online for streaming and as a download. The album (when completed) will be available for purchase as a CD. I will have links where you can find these songs as they become available. Until then, follow the blog, leave lots of likes, shares, and comments.

This will be basically a solo album project since I will be playing all of the instruments. So strap on your seat belt and get ready for a journey that will take you through the complete process of recording my first solo album project. Who knows where this will go, but you will have the opportunity to follow it step by step from the beginning. I will try to add some pictures, sound bites, and/or webcasts to the blog as the project develops. I look forward to sharing the songs I have written with you, to share with everyone you think would like my music. Help spread the love!!!

Next blog…You are part of the process!

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