The journey revisits the past…

The journey revisits the past when “The High Court” reconvenes in 2005 with Rob Emmett on bass, David McPherson on Drums, and myself on Vocals, Guitars, and Keyboards. We changed the logo to portray a more “politically correct” image than we had the early days of the “Court”.  The High CourtWith this new version of the band we played half of the songs Country, and played the other half Rock. This was an easy step as both Rob and Dave had played previously with me in the Dixie Rollers. We played a few gigs at the AM-VETS Post #8. One night two guys came in from the band “Whiskey Smith”, and told me they were going to steal my drummer away. Sure enough they did. It wasn’t that they were better than us, it was just that they had more gigs lined up. During those sessions with the High Court, Rob Emmett and I went through a lot of drummers. We played the American Legions in Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida, as well as a variety of other clubs, and parties. Here are some pictures of some of the drummers that had played with The High Court around that time.

Dave_Mcphearsonperformance_pics_113Tracey_PistolShot_Schmitt_2_performance_pics_149Randall Ierna 2




By now I let my hair grow out a little and lost the ‘stash’. Here are some more pics from that time:

profile pic Randall LeeRandall_Lee_1_006performance_pics_229 ZIPPO_SLIDEperformance_pics_001



Then came the day I cut my hair for the “Locks for Love” charity:

Locks_For_LoveThe_Cross_362The_Cross_378When I finally met Randall Iearna, not only did he become my drummer and friend, but he also was the producer for my first CD titled “2 From the Suitcase”. Randall had heard one of my songs online and thought it was pretty good. The song was titled “New York Crazy”. That was until he heard my song “90 Degrees”. The title of the CD is “2 From The Suitcase”. The reason being, my wife chose those 2 songs from a suitcase containing a bunch of my songs and the concept just stuck. After the blog about this journey of 46 years, I’ll start recording the rest of them and take you on a new journey of the process!!! Randall_Ierna1

Randall_Lee_CD_CoverRandall wanted to get me recorded in a professional studio to see what we could do with some of my original songs. We recorded an updated version of “New York Crazy”, and another song of mine titled “90 Degrees”. These songs can be found for download at: ! On upon finally completing this CD, we went on a mini promotional tour in various venues around the area. From a Mall in Clearwater to the top of the Pier in St. Petersburg everyone had a chance to hear some of my songs!!!


r33cI sent out copies of the CD to hundreds of radio stations. During one of our gigs at Sneaky D’s, a lady came up and told me that the song (90°) was her mother’s favorite song. I asked her where her mother was and she said that she lived in Huntsville Alabama. And that she had heard that song on the radio. Both songs reached number one on various Internet radio stations, and music sites. During the time Randall was our drummer, we had a pretty good long running gig at a bar called “Sneaky’ D’s” in St. Petersburg, Florida. We played there as well as many other gigs around St. Petersburg and Tampa for quite a while. Throughout that time, we went through a handful of drummers but my bass player Rob Emmett was as solid a friend as he was a bass player.

IMGP3965 (2)I did make a music video for the song “90 Degrees”, so please favorite, like, and share it with all of your friends. Here is the YouTube link: It was a blast putting it all together (TY Zack!). Yes, there is a meaning depicted in the video…

James_Brunson_-_ActorIMGP3888_2_IMGP3897I continued playing with “The High Court” in Florida until I moved up to Indiana where my wife wanted to retire. Along the way, while still in Florida, I auditioned for the TV shows: “Nashville Star”, and “America’s Got Talent”. Neither one panned out, and maybe it was for the best. The year Kevin Skinner won they told me that I was good, but they were looking for great! I guess some of the people in the music industry think that someone that forgets the lyrics and chords to songs on stage, and sings off key is great…maybe I needed a back story that has nothing to do with musical talent. But what do I know…go figure! I continued to do some recordings and videos while in Florida so here are a few of my studio and me recording.


Guitar_Recording_4_bass recordingI learned a lot from the production of my first CD “2 From The Suitcase”! I do want to thank everyone that worked on that project.

As well, there are some other Music Videos of mine on my YouTube Channel and you are more than welcome to like, comment, favorite, and share my channel with all of your family and friends. During the time I recorded in my “Garage” home studio, I had a chance to lay down tracks for a lot more of my original songs. I will continue to work on them, refine them, and polish them up for my debut album! The release date, and title of the album is still to be determined.

One last note for the musical journey in Florida is to mention the “Moondogs”. This was the last band I played with in Florida. We were somewhat of a Rockabilly band and had a great time. There was Dave DeArmit on bass, Mark Nathan on guitar, Frank Baptie on drums, and myself. These were a bunch of great guys and we made some really good recordings thanks to Mark!  Mark NathanFrank Baptie


Next blog: Making another life changing decision…

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