Press Release: The High Court is Adjourned!


HCAs of Saturday, June 18, 2016, “The High Court” is adjourned.

I have been performing publicly for 46 years, and have had “The High Court”  for 27 of those years. It has been quite a journey, and I hope to write some of the stories of my 46 year career in music. I do want to thank all of the people that supported me in my goals and dreams. Equally, I want to tell all of the people that put road blocks in the way, and gave me stress during that journey to kiss my ass. And yes, to tell the story truthfully, they will be included. But most of this blog will be about the musical journey I have been on for the past 46 years, and all of the good musicians and friends I have met along the way.

It all started in 1969…follow the blog on my website ( for the rest of the saga!


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