The High Court

The High Court

The website is under construction at the present time. We hope to have all of the updates including band photos, bios, and links in the very near future. The music is really sounding good and we can’t wait to start sharing it with all of you! Remember to get some your own merchandise from the site before the gigs (So you can sport supporting the court first).

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5 Responses to The High Court

  1. Rob Wall says:

    Well, the spammers are spam spam spamming again. It’s time for the fans to start fan fan fanning. You spammers need to peddle your wares somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m sure they will when they know “The High Court” is in session!

      • Rob Wall says:

        Well, it’s May 1st and the band is moving right along. Things were sounding really good at practice last night. I’m finally singing a song that I didn’t think I could sing! Imagine that!!!!!! Won’t be long now and we will be hitting the streets. Keep watching these posts and we will let you know when the first gig is upcoming.
        Rob Wall (bass for The High Court)

  2. Hopefully we can get past the spammers, and have fans write on the blog soon. I know it will happen when the court is in session for the public. Until then the spammers are going to spam, spam, spam, and the fans are going to fan, fan, fan, so we shake it off!

  3. Rob Wall says:

    Well Randy, looks like people are still spamming us! Anyway, for all you out there that have a genuine interest in The High Court, we are moving along just fine and have some killer songs worked up. The band is sounding awesome and we are stoked to get the music out there. Won’t be long now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rob (Bass for The High Court)

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